On August 1, 2021, D.C. Policy Center Director of Education Policy Initiative Chelsea Coffin was quoted by The 74 Million:

“Next year, kids are going to show up with wildly divergent needs.”

In Washington, the steepest enrollment declines appear to be in schools with concentrations of children considered at risk, says Chelsea Coffin, director of the D.C. Policy Center’s Education Policy Initiative. Focus groups on pandemic schooling her organization has held with parents and teachers suggest that families that lack good technology are prioritizing keeping older kids — who don’t require constant prompting to sit still — caught up. Younger students, like Mustafa’s potential classmates, fall by the wayside.

“This increased credit card spending among lower-income households does not necessarily mean that they are spending more,” suggested a report produced by the D.C. Policy Center for the local chamber of commerce. “They could be relying on credit to meet household needs and pushing the payments into the future when economic conditions improve.”

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