On March 2, 2021, D.C. Policy Center Executive Director Dr. Yesim Sayin Taylor, was quoted by DCist:

Yesim Sayin Taylor, the director of the D.C. Policy Center, another local think tank, says she understands the desire to identify new sources of revenue for social programs, calling the issues raised by Allen “terribly important.” But she cautions that raising income taxes when the city has reserves to draw from and was seeing slower population growth even before the pandemic would be “ill-advised” at this point.

“I think it makes more sense to wait and see what resources we have first,” Taylor says of the prospective federal aid D.C. will get. “We need to be really careful about what is the right fiscal strategy. You want to tax things in a way that creates the most revenue but the least amount of disincentive [for economic activity].”

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