Envisioning Statehood: What’s it Worth? | League of Women Voters

July 21, 2022
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The DC Compensated Emancipation Act of 1862 ended slavery in Washington, DC, freed 3,100 individuals, reimbursed those who had legally owned them and offered the newly freed women and men money to emigrate. It is this legislation, and the courage and struggle of those who fought to make it a reality, that we commemorate every April 16, DC Emancipation Day. In 2017, Emancipation Day is celebrated one week early.

Executive Director Dr. Yesim Sayin was a featured speaker at the League of Women Voters’ “Envisioning Statehood: What’s it Worth?”

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Wondering what life in the Douglass Commonwealth might be like once DC gets statehood?

The League of Women Voters DC decided to ask some experts what statehood will mean for all of us in the District of Columbia. 

Please join us for the third of our virtual 3-part panel discussions on July 21, 7-8:30 PM. 

Envisioning Statehood: What’s it Worth? 

How would DC’s revenues and expenses change when we are admitted to the Union as a state? What federal funds would we lose or gain? What would we have to pay for that we don’t now? What money could we collect that we can’t now?

Expert discussion with:

  • Robert Bobb, President and CEO of The Robert Bobb Group, LLC; Former City Administrator and Deputy Mayor of the District of Columbia
  • Yesim Sayin, Executive Director, DC Policy Center
  • Erica Williams, Executive Director, DC Fiscal Policy Institute

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