On October 2, 2020, the D.C. Policy Center’s 2020 State of Business Report: Pivoting from Pandemic to Recovery, was cited by the Washington Business Journal:

While every part of the region has been touched by the crisis, the chamber’s annual “State of Business” report documented especially dire effects in D.C. driven by a loss of commuters. Researchers at the D.C. Policy Center preparing the study found that small businesses in the city reported revenue losses of about 53% through July 31 – only companies in Arlington County suffered more around Greater Washington, reporting losses of 67% of their business.

“There has just been a huge demand shock to the city,” said Yesim Taylor, executive director of the policy center, which was founded through the Federal City Council. “We’ve consistently heard that suburban property owners expect a quicker recovery, and this flight from urban places is a key reason for it.”


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