On February 19, 2020, D.C. Policy Center Policy Director Kathryn Zickuhr was quoted by WAMU:

Not all app-based gigging opportunities are created equal, either. In a study that looked at the activity millions of Chase checking accounts from 2012 to 2018, the web-platform economy showed growth overall. Yet earnings for jobs in transportation (like driving for a ride-hailing app) fell dramatically while revenue based on renting out something you own (such as a home or parking space) grew by 69%.

Kathryn Zickuhr, director of policy for the D.C. Policy Center,  says this is evidence that app-based income can vary greatly for D.C.-area residents.

“In an area that is in high demand and has high property values and where you can get a really high price on Airbnb or some other platforms, that can be pretty lucrative for those folks. But if you’re looking at the larger pool of everyone who is using any type of online platform … most people nationally are not earning a lot of money from those apps,” she says, adding that D.C. is not likely to be much different.

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