On April 20, 2020, D.C. Policy Center Executive Director Yesim Sayin Taylor was quoted by WAMU:

But the coalition’s requests come amid a wider financial crisis for the city. The District is already expecting to have to trim the current year’s $9 billion budget by more than $600 million, and maybe as much for next year’s budget.

“It’s a big number,” says Yesim Sayin Taylor, former employee of the Office of D.C.’s Chief Financial Officer and current director of the D.C. Policy Center, referring to the proposed tax breaks. “I wouldn’t want to say the Council or the mayor will or will not do it. I don’t know what they will do, but it’s certainly a big number.”

Read more: D.C. Coalition Wants Massive Tax Breaks To Help Businesses Rebound From Coronavirus | WAMU

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