On January 31, 2020, the D.C. Policy Center’s report, 2018-19 State of D.C. Schools, was highlighted in an op-ed in the Washington Post:

Our once-struggling public schools now are beacons of innovation and improvement for the nation. A new report by the D.C. Policy Center shows how far we have come.

As the State of D.C. Schools report notes, since the passage of the Public Education Reform Amendment Act of 2007, public school enrollment has increased and the District has become the fastest-improving state and urban district in the nation. Families are empowered by and overwhelmingly confident in our system of public school choice: 71 percent of students attend a school of choice, either D.C. Public Schools or public charter, and a stunning 92 percent of parents rate their child’s school as “excellent” or “good.”

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