Antwan Jones

Associate Professor of Sociology and of Africana Studies
The George Washington University

Antwan Jones is an Associate Professor of Sociology and of Africana Studies at The George Washington University. Receiving degrees from Duke University and Bowling Green State University, he has published research on various different health outcomes. However, he focuses his research on the residential and neighborhood context in which individuals live as a way to understand health disparities among marginalized populations.

 Engaged in national and international research, Dr. Jones has firmly located himself in the field of urban sociology by elucidating how residential processes (such as housing instability) and neighborhood contexts (such as food deserts and concentrated poverty) are essential to the study of adult cardiovascular disease, child obesity, and disability among the elderly.

 Dr. Jones is a former board member of the Capital City Area Health Education Center, the Society for the Study of Social Problems, and the American Sociological Association.