David Bishop

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David is principal at David Bishop Consulting, working with clients to reveal strategic insights linking organizational design concepts with information technology investment planning activities. David has more than 20 years of experience in developing organizational strategies and aligning those strategies with business and technology investments.

David served the Government of the District of Columbia within the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) from 2009 to 2016, where he brought an entrepreneurial approach to planning and decision-making in government. His time at OCTO included a brief appointment as Interim Chief Technology Officer of the District government in 2015. Previously, David served as Deputy Chief Technology Officer overseeing the citywide coordination of IT investment activities between OCTO programs and the other District government agencies. Prior to joining the District Government, he supported several Federal agencies including the FAA, FRA, DOL and EPA in their IT investment planning responsibilities.

David also has experience working in the professional services industry, the real estate and construction industry, and the retail industry. His retail experience comes from being a founding member of Fantom Comics, which has operated in DC since 2005. David has studied organizations by working to bring about change from inside organizations. He has served in the roles of CFO, CIO and CTO. His experience in evaluating and implementing information technology investments is grounded in his accounting and financial background. He holds a BS in Accounting from Lehigh University and an MBA from the Stern School of Business at the New York University.

David lives in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC with his wife and daughter.

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Written By David Bishop

Money for nothing: D.C. businesses pay a technology fee but get very little in return

Businesses need to do a lot to operate in the District, such as filing permits, getting licenses, and accommodating inspectors. For instance, a typical grocery store may need a grocery store license, a deli license, a cigarette retail license, a patent medicine license, plus health inspections and perhaps a liquor license. Each…

April 17, 2017 | David Bishop