Evette Banfield

Vice President of Economic Development Policy and Wealth Building Strategies, CNHED
Advisor, Alice M. Rivlin Initiative

Evette facilitates the execution of CNHED’s inclusive community economic development agenda, reflecting a commitment made in our strategic plan. Her primary focus is on coalition building, policy and advocacy. Since coming on board at the end of 2013, Evette has led the creation of five working groups reflecting the priorities and needs of CNHED’s members and the broader economic development field. Evette brings a wealth of diverse community building and revitalization experience, working on the ground with residents and community-based groups as well as with the government, private and philanthropic sectors to facilitate system-level changes and targeted local solutions. Prior to CNHED, Evette worked with the consulting firm Urban Ventures Group, where she designed and implemented planning processes; analyzed and synthesized information; and identified suitable and adaptable solutions to complex issues and problems by working with community stakeholders.

Over her career, she has held roles in project management and coordination, and conducted numerous multi-year evaluations on national programs as well as conducted smaller scale assessments involving intensive fieldwork in individual communities. Evette holds a B.A. in government from St. Lawrence University and a Master’s degree in urban policy and management from The New School.