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2018 Was the Year Cities Trusted Amazon | CityLab

December 31, 2018
  • D.C. Policy Center

On December 31, 2018, a CityLab article on Amazon’s HQ2 hunt cited an analysis by D.C. Policy Center Executive Director Yesim Sayin Taylor:

The choice was also a relief, for some. With only 25,000 workers each, the new HQs will be more glorified office expansions than full-fledged satellite campuses. Their housing markets will be better prepared to handle the influx. Long Island City has developed real estate faster than any other New York borough this year, and Crystal City’s most pressing urban problem is its vast swaths of empty office space. The D.C. region has grown by the equivalent of 12 Amazons since 2000, according to the D.C. Policy Center, adding an average of 34,000 people per year. New York has added an average of about 64,000 a year since 2010. Amazon’s 25,000 workers—many of them sourced from within the region, and others moving in slowly—might not make a cosmic dent.

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