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Metro derailment brings transit equity issues to light | StreetSense

November 17, 2021
  • D.C. Policy Center

On November 17, 2021, the D.C. Policy Center’s article, The demographics of walking and biking to work tell yet another story of gentrification, was cited by StreetSense:

Right now, many Black D.C. residents cannot afford to live within walking or biking distance of their workplace.  Data from the D.C. Policy Center found that those who biked to work earned an average of $60,000 a year, while workers who took the bus earned an average of $32,000, the 2017 data found

The difference in who was walking or biking to work versus taking the bus showed major differences among races. The same report found that in 2015, only 5,765 Black or African American workers walked to their jobs in D.C., while 29,000 whites did. 

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