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Analysis: D.C. Mayor Bowser proposes program cuts and tax increases in 2025 budget | WAMU

April 04, 2024
  • D.C. Policy Center

On April 4, 2024, Executive Director Yesim Sayin was interviewed on WAMU’s All Things Considered:

Yesim Sayin is the Executive Director of the D.C. Policy Center, and told WAMU that D.C. is not out of the woods yet. “We are not projecting a revenue growth that’s greater than 2 percent over the next four years and there are still risks to the District’s economy.”

Tamika Smith, host of WAMU’s All Things Considered spoke with Sayin hours after the budget was released for analysis on the major spending cuts, the tax increases and what they say about the Mayor’s priorities.

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Additional reading: In fiscal year 2025, the District of Columbia is facing tough choices. Without making difficult decisions now, future years will only get harder. 


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