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Festival season over | Axios DC

April 06, 2023
  • D.C. Policy Center

On April 6, 2023, the D.C. Policy Center’s report, Appraising the District’s rentals, was cited by Axios DC:

D.C. Policy Center executive director Yesim Sayin Taylor says she thinks of D.C.’s rent control laws as more like rent stabilization that prevents price gouging.

State of play: There was an attempt by the D.C. Council during a meeting this week to slow the 8.9% increase, but it ultimately failed.

How it works: Most buildings with five or more units that were built before 1976 are subject to rent control rules.

The DC Policy Center estimated in 2020 that there were 73,000 rent-controlled units in D.C. That’s compared to 124,600 total rental apartments. Wards 3 and 8 have the bulk of D.C.’s rent-controlled units, Sayin Taylor says.

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