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Should D.C. Join The Growing List Of Cities With A Night Mayor? | DCIst

October 17, 2017
  • D.C. Policy Center

Senior Fellow Kate Rabinowitz’s piece “As D.C. nightlife grows, it’s becoming more of a bar town” was cited in a recent DCist post on whether D.C. should have a “night mayor”:

It’s tough to quantify the size of D.C.’s after-hours economy (a task that, Todd’s office notes, could be addressed by the Office of Nightlife), but here’s what we do know: since 2008, the number of liquor licenses for bars, restaurants, and clubs has increased by almost 50 percent, per the D.C. Policy CenterThe Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington projects $2 billion in D.C. restaurant sales in 2017, and the says that restaurant and foodservice jobs represent about 8 percent of total employment. (Restaurants, of course, don’t represent the entire after-hours economy.)

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