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D.C. Policy Center publication “D.C.’s heat islands” mentioned by Washington Post

September 04, 2018
  • D.C. Policy Center

On September 2, 2018, Terrence McCoy at the Washington Post mentioned the D.C. Policy Center’s publication “D.C.’s heat islands” and quoted Executive Director Yesim Sayin Taylor in an article entitled “‘I don’t want to die’: As the country bakes, studies show poor city neighborhoods are often much hotter than wealthy ones“:

“Land cover can be so different and the amount of concrete varies so greatly, that it can be 65 someplace [in the city] and 75 in another place,” said Yesim Sayin Taylor, executive director of the D.C. Policy Center. “Wards 2 and 3 have lots of trees and parks, and there, the heat has a way of escaping. . . . But there are other parts of the city that are equally [residential], but because they don’t have the tree coverage, they experience higher heat.”

Read more at the Washington Post.


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