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Power 100 2023: Advocates & Game Changers | Washington Business Journal

October 11, 2023
  • D.C. Policy Center

On October 11, 2023, D.C. Policy Center’s Executive Director Yesim Sayin was named one of the Power 100 in the D.C. region by the Washington Business Journal.

“It’s like Alaska losing oil overnight.” That’s how Yesim Sayin, the executive director of the D.C. Policy Center, has described the devastating impact remote and hybrid work has had on the D.C.’s economy. Sayin has headed the center since its founding in 2016, authoring countless reports on issues like tax policy and housing affordability and their effect on the city’s economic competitiveness. These days, she’s particularly focused on the city’s post-pandemic recovery efforts, which she worries are moving far too slowly. “Every month and every week we see employees not coming into the office, the slack isn’t being picked up. It’s baked into declining asset values, and that will mean a huge decline in city finances, in tax revenues and services.”

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