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Study: Families Get the Worst Shake In D.C. Real Estate Market – Washington City Paper

March 27, 2018
  • D.C. Policy Center

On March 27, 2018, the Washington City Paper wrote about the D.C. Policy Center’s report “Taking Stock of the District’s Housing Stock: Capacity, Affordability, and Pressures on Family Housing” (full report). They write:

The report, led by DCPC Executive Director Yesim Sayin Taylor, used publicly available property data and year-end reports from local agencies to assess the number of housing units and buildings in D.C. (319,800 and 116,781, respectively). It paints a bleak picture for the state of wealth dispersion and homeownership in D.C., highlighting systemic poverty in the city’s Southeast quadrant and incredible wealth in Northwest—problems exacerbated by land-use and zoning restrictions, which “restrict the amount and mix of housing supply in many parts of the city with public and private amenities.”

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