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    Chart of the week: Mixed-use neighborhoods have not been spared from a rising office vacancy rate 

    Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, mixed-use neighborhoods in D.C. were more economically resilient than office-heavy neighborhoods.[1] As the chart above shows, office-heavy neighborhoods have consistently posted a higher annual office vacancy rate than mixed-use ones. Moreover, unlike office-heavy neighborhoods, mixed-use neighborhoods did not experience a substantial increase in their annual office vacancy…

    DC Passes mansion Tax With 2025 Budget | Urban Turf

    DC Passes mansion Tax With 2025 Budget | Urban Turf

    On June13, 2024, A D.C. Policy Center article was cited by Urban Turf: The DC Policy Center recently put out a chart looking at the neighborhoods that have the highest volume of homes affected by the new tax. “Georgetown is home to the most properties assessed above $2.5 million, at 515 properties, or 20…