On March 14, 2019, The DC Line published a profile of Executive Director Yesim Sayin Taylor :

Taylor spent nearly a decade in the CFO’s office with no intention of changing jobs, but then Tony Williams and some of the trustees of the Federal City Council recruited Taylor to launch the D.C. Policy Center. The D.C. Policy Center was initially incubated within the Federal City Council, a nonprofit focusing on economic development in DC. 

She was happy with her job at the CFO’s office, but when presented with the opportunity she “thought about having a midlife crisis,” which she associated with taking risks. She saw creating and building the D.C. Policy Center from the ground up as a solid opportunity; doing so could be her midlife crisis, and “a pretty good one at that,” she said.

Taylor — now entering her third year at the D.C. Policy Center, which last week marked its anniversary — says she feels “very lucky” to be working there. The research it undertakes extends across six broad areas: business conditions, workforce and the labor market, housing, demographics, transportation and education policy.

Read more: From CFO’s office to think tank, economist Yesim Sayin Taylor follows unexpected but invigorating path | The DC Line

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