William Farrell

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William Farrell is a Transportation Engineer living in Brooklyn, NY. He received his Bachelor and Master of Engineering degrees from McGill University in Montreal, QC, for civil and transportation engineering, respectively. He now works for a civil engineering consulting firm in New York, NY and sits on the Advisory Board of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. He blogs at transpophile.com and tweets at @wjfarr.

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Written By William Farrell

Predominately black neighborhoods in D.C. bear the brunt of automated traffic enforcement

In late 2015, Washington, D.C. joined the international Vision Zero movement by committing to end traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2024. The Vision Zero movement recognizes traffic collisions as a public health epidemic with identifiable causes and solutions, rather than accidental and immutable forces of nature beyond reach of safety interventions;…

June 28, 2018 | William Farrell