Yanesia Norris is a researcher currently engaged in data analysis at a District public charter school. Her professional interests include education and education policy, and the new “normal” when the COVID-19 pandemic is over. She is passionate about education and education policy, specifically the way in which educational inequity most impacts Black girls. As part of our Education Policy Initiative, Ms. Norris’s work as a Wilkes Scholar will focus on risk factors that might make children in D.C. more vulnerable to adverse impacts from COVID-19.

About Wilkes Fellows & Scholars

The Wilkes Fellowship and Scholars program provides resources to young researchers in support of the D.C. Policy Center’s mission of producing objective, targeted, and high-quality data analyses to support robust and productive policy debate in the District of Columbia. The Wilkes Fellowship and Scholars program is endowed by gifts from The Wilkes Company and Quadrangle Development Corporation.