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New Research and Policy Center to Advance a Strong and Vibrant Economy in the District of Columbia

March 08, 2017
  • D.C. Policy Center



New Research and Policy Center to Advance a Strong and Vibrant Economy in the District of Columbia

New Data-Driven Policy Center Will Inform Local Policy Formulation and Debate


WASHINGTON, D.C., March 8, 2017 – Today, the Federal City Council, together with members of The Developer Roundtable and the Downtown Business Improvement District, announced the launch of the D.C. Policy Center, an independent policy and research center focusing on the economy of the District of Columbia.

The D.C. Policy Center will analyze data and policies with a singular focus on the District’s economy and its demographics, grounding its analyses in the local and regional factors that affect the city’s residents and businesses. The Center’s study topics will include job creation, affordable housing for middle- and low-income residents, workforce development, fiscal policy, infrastructure challenges, and poverty alleviation. Through rigorous, evidence-based research, and in collaboration with a wide array of stakeholders, the D.C. Policy Center will offer practical policy solutions for elected officials and civic leaders.

“Policies that national advocacy groups bring to our city do not always fit well with our needs or the institutional and economic realities of the District.” said Charles (Sandy) Wilkes, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “The Policy Center will have a keen focus on the District of Columbia and serve as a hub of serious, reliable research that can inform our policymakers.”

“D.C. prospers when we take a responsible, forward looking approach to policymaking. The D.C. Policy Center will bring to the table objective data and high-quality analysis necessary for productive policy debate.” said Anthony Williams, the Chief Executive Officer of the Federal City Council, and former mayor of the District of Columbia.

“Rapid demographic change, high levels of inequality, a shifting workforce, and regional dynamics pose significant challenges for policymakers, but even policies that are meant to increase employment or spur economic growth are often proposed without engaging job creators in the process.” said Yesim Sayin Taylor, Executive Director of the Center. “We hope to change this by drawing on our close relationship with the Federal City Council and others to proactively engage the business community in conversations about D.C.’s future.”

The District’s policymakers have extended a warm welcome to the Center. “As our population continues to grow, the District of Columbia is experiencing unprecedented financial stability. Yet challenges remain as we prioritize the investments we make in our people and infrastructure. The D.C. Policy Center will be a key partner in helping us continue our progress and take on our toughest challenges to achieve inclusive prosperity.” said Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of the District of Columbia.

Chairman of the D.C. Council, Phil Mendelson, said: “I’m looking forward to the D.C. Policy Center being a resource to both the public and private sector on important questions of public policy.  It’s always useful to have quality data when we are considering legislation and the more good data available, the better informed we will be.”

The D.C. Policy Center draws support from individuals, foundations, and a cross-section of leading industries in the District including banking, construction, real estate and development, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, transportation and utilities, sports and entertainment, wholesalers, law firms, and investment firms. The founding Board of Directors of the Center (listed here) reflects this diversity. The D.C. Policy Center also benefits from an Advisory Committee that includes nationally recognized academicians and policy experts, and Fellows who will contribute on the D.C. Policy Center’s blogs.

The Policy Center’s website is www.dcpolicycenter.org.



Yesim Sayin Taylor, Executive Director
D.C. Policy Center
(202) 223-4560



About the D.C. Policy Center | dcpolicycenter.org

Established in 2016, the D.C. Policy Center is a new non-profit, non-partisan policy research organization focused on advancing a strong and vibrant economy in the District of Columbia.  The D.C. Policy Center informs policymaking by offering data and analysis on the District’s economy and demography. The D.C. Policy Center also directly engages in policymaking by developing and promoting policy proposals, building coalitions to facilitate their adoption, and providing the strongest evidence and the most convincing arguments in support of our agenda. Our main audience is the key members of the District’s policy world who collectively shape the direction of policy in the District, such as the Mayor, executive appointees, Councilmembers and their staff, and career civil servants, as well as engaged advocates, business groups and associations, academics, and analysts.

About the Federal City Council | federalcitycouncil.org

Established in 1954, the Federal City Council (FC2) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the improvement of the District of Columbia.  Since its founding, the FC2 has a rich history of achievement, having played a critical role in the creation of Metro, the renovation of Union Station, the establishment of the Verizon Center, and the redevelopment of Pennsylvania Avenue. Comprised of the area’s top business, professional, education and civic leaders, the Council works with the District and federal governments to develop and implement solutions to important community problems. By serving as a trusted partner for civic improvement, and by bringing to bear the knowledge, experience, access, and resources of its members, the Council plays a critical role in the advancement of the District of Columbia.


Download (PDF): D.C. Policy Center Press Release: March 8, 2017


D.C. Policy Center

Established in 2016, the D.C. Policy Center is a non-partisan research and policy organization committed to advancing policies for a strong and vibrant economy in the District of Columbia. Through rigorous research and collaboration, the D.C. Policy Center develops and tests policy ideas, disseminates its findings, and engages in constructive dialogue and debate.

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