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Is The Watergate Actually D.C.’s Biggest Polluter? – WAMU

September 05, 2017
  • D.C. Policy Center

WAMU recently investigated the data used in Senior Fellow Randy Smith’s recent piece on greenhouse gas emissions in D.C., finding that data has been misreported to DOEE for the largest emitters on the list:

The emissions data didn’t receive much attention until the D.C. Policy Center published a report and interactive map on the 2014 data this month. Local news sites posted articles about it, and it made the rounds on social media and in email newsletters.

Even to a casual observer, however, the numbers didn’t seem right. “I think most people didn’t know that the data set existed to begin with, so there wasn’t much pressure for any buildings to make any changes,” said data scientist Randy Smith, who authored the Policy Center report.

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