Grant Gregory

D.C. Policy Center

Grant Gregory is a recent graduate from the University of Iowa with degrees in geography and political science. He has worked for the Council of State Governments as a Policy Intern and Research Associate at the University of Iowa Public Policy Center. Grant lives in the Trinidad neighborhood of Washington D.C. and spends his free time gardening with Cultivate the City.

Written By Grant Gregory

How distance to the White House is related to D.C.’s economic environment

Where people live in an urban area reflects economic opportunity and wellbeing. To anyone who has felt the awful crawl of traffic on K Street during rush hour or tried to order a sandwich at noon during the lunch rush, it becomes very evident that downtown Washington – an area of no…

April 21, 2017 | Grant Gregory

Income inequality and economic mobility in D.C.

In recent years, researchers have become more interested in the ways that an individual’s environment shapes their ability to climb the socioeconomic ladder. In a famous recent study, Stanford economist Raj Chetty and his coauthors looked at upward mobility, as measured by the proportion of children who went on to make more…

March 21, 2017 | Grant Gregory