Nicholas Dodds

Research Assistant
D.C. Policy Center

Nicholas Dodds joined the D.C Policy Center in the role of Research Assistant in August 2022. In this role, Nicholas provides support for a variety of projects through research and data analysis. 

Prior to joining the D.C. Policy Center, Nicholas worked as a data science intern for the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Budget and Innovation. Throughout this role he worked on various economic, housing, and education policy initiatives within the city. 

Nicholas is originally from Los Angeles, California and holds a B.A. in Public Affairs from University of California, Los Angeles.

Written By Nicholas Dodds

Charts of the week: The relationship between race and income in D.C., the region, and nationwide

What do we know about income distribution patterns in the District, and how they change by race? And how does the income distribution within racial groups in D.C. compare to the rest of the country? Looking at ACS income data for Black and white-headed households, we uncovered three interesting observations. 

June 16, 2023 | Nick Dodds